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Do you have a love for everything dark, extreme, sleazy,trashy, cheesy, gory, or obscene in the world of horror movies? Tired of your friends and family thinking you are a freak? You are not alone!! Come and join us as we celebrate some of the best and worst in the world of horror cinema, with news, reviews and more!! Written by horror fans, for horror fans, spreading our obsessional love for such an innovative, exciting, and sometimes misunderstood genre.

But we don’t just stop there, on our mission to explore every little slither of weird, wonderful and grotesque that cinema has to offer we delve into exploitation, sexploitation, Sci-Fi and cult classics, making The Gore Splattered Corner your one stop shop for everything that defies the margins of good taste.

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We decided movies weren’t enough to satisfy us, so we are now wandering into the realms of music too, watch out for album reviews and interviews from the realms of heavy metal, punk, psychobilly, plus anything else our dark tastebuds take a fancy to!

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Branded to Kill (1967) (UK Blu-ray/DVD Combo Review). - Year: 1967 Director: Seijun Suzuki Cast: Jô Shishido, Kôji Nanbara, Isao Tamagawa, Annu Mari, Mariko Ogawa. Themes: Yazkuza, Action, Gothic, Noir, Avant Garde, Japanese New Wave Out this week on Arrow Films is Japanese forerunning director Seijun Suzuki’s stand out... Read More ›
House of Whipcord (1974) (UK Blu-ray release). - Year: 1974 Director: Pete Walker Cast: Penny Irving, Barbara Markham, Sheila Keith, Patrick Barr, Dorothy Gordon, Ray Brookes, Ann Michelle Themes: Women in Prison, Britsploitation, Classic British Horror, Sadism Pete Walker- one of the leading names in Britsploitation- is a... Read More ›
Director Interview: The Gore Splattered Corner talks to Owen Tooth. - INTERVIEW BY JAMES SIMPSON. Some weeks ago The Gore Splattered Corner was lucky enough to take a sneak peak at upcoming British horror Devil’s Tower. The review went down so well GSC was able to get an interview with the... Read More ›
Soulmate (2013) (UK DVD). - Year: 2013 Director: Axelle Carolyn Cast: Anna Walton, Tom Wisdom, Tanya Myers, Nick Brimble Themes: Ghost and hauntings, Suicide, Grief, Loss, Gothic Romance In a genre dominated by mainstream cattle prod cinema, it is always a nice surprise to find... Read More ›
James Simpson Reviews Raven’s Cabin (UK DVD, 2014) - Release Date: August 11th 2014 Year: 2014 Director: Loren Johnson Cast: Andrea Burdett, John McPherson, Luke Ledger, Pia Prendiville Themes: Australian, ghost story, supernatural, teens, boot camp, premonitions A number of TV shows have been created in the past decade... Read More ›
Delirium Magazine: Cult, Horror, Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Exploitation- Full Moon Official Magazine, made for fans and collectors. - For this writer, there is nothing more beautiful than the printed word. As a collector of books and magazines for years, I find there is something uniquely satisfying about flicking through old issues of zines. We live in a society... Read More ›
Marek Z. Reviews Death Do Us Apart (2014) (Short) - Year: 2014 Director: Shaub Miah Cast: Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty, Josh Myers, Wayne Gordon, Sagar Radia, Jema ‘Princess Levi’ Gilsenan Themes: Zombie, Action, Comedy Kicking off with the familiar ‘our feature presentation’ introduction screen that has graced many past grindhouse and B... Read More ›
Stiggy’s Film of the Day Robin Redbreast (1970) - Year: 1970 Director: James MacTaggart Cast: Anna Cropper, Freda Bamford, Bernard Hepton, Andy Bamford Themes: Witchcraft, Classic British Horror, Folk Horror, Psychological The BBC for many years had a fairly impressive record when it came to horror based drama. Most... Read More ›
James Simpson Reviews Devil’s Tower (UK DVD, 2014) - Release Date: Sept 15th 2014 Year: 2014 Director: Owen Tooth Cast: Roxanne Pallett, Jason Mewes, Jessica-Jane Clement/Stafford, Eddie Webber Themes: horror, comedy, drama, zombie survival, tower block, British The sub-genre of ‘tower block peril’ movies has grown in recent years... Read More ›
James Simpson Reviews After the Dark (2014) (UK DVD Review) - aka The Philosophers Year: 2014 Director: John Huddles Cast: James D’Arcy, Rhys Wakefield, Sophie Lowe, Daryl Sabara, Bonnie Wright Themes: end of the world, atomic war, morals, survival, philosophy If the world was going to end due to an atomic... Read More ›


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