The Gore Splattered Corner Top Ten Goretastic Music Videos…


1. Cattle Decapitation- Forced Gender Reassignment: BE WARNED!! Could this be the most controversial music video of all time? Most video hosting sites would not accept this video and at one point it was exclusively hosted at Bloody Disgusting. I would certainly say I have never seen anything as depraved and vile as this in music video form, see for yourself, NOT FOR THE WEAK STOMACHED CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES OF GENITAL MUTILATION!

2. Nine Inch Nails- Happiness is Slavery: Trent Reznor  an artist not known to shy away from controversy out does himself in this video which displays graphic gore, mutilation and full frontal male nudity.

3. Bloodsucking Zombies from Outerspace- Blood on Satan’s Claw: Austrian splatterpunks certainly show no restraint in this no holes barred gorefest of a music video which makes a nice little nod to the legendary Lucio Fulci.

4. Cradle of Filth- From the Cradle to Enslave: In this epic video directed by Alex Chandon (Cradle of Fear) Dani and the rest of the Filths track their way through a series of goresome deaths, with some lady bits thrown in and plenty of blood.

5. Suicide Silence- You Only Live Once: You only live once is the motto in this splatterific video and Suicide Silence aren’t going down without a fight. How many times can you get shot and still pull out a mind blowing guitar solo?

6. Bring Me The Horizon- It Never Ends: Oli Sykes literally puts his heart, soul and guts into this performance.

7. Cavalera Conspiracy- Sanctuary: The Cavalera brothers blast out some serious metal and survive a monster/zombie attack in the process.

8. The Misfits-Scream: This list would not be complete without an entry from the original horror punks The Misfits, directed by George Romero these zombie effects really will make you scream.

9. Angelspit- Toxic Girl: This gruesome twosome were considered too naughty for the prudes at YouTube. People get it on with a rubber doll before topping themselves.

10. Dawn of Ashes: Poisoning the Steps of Babel: A gory preacher, nuns being set on fire, and some lurid use of a crucifix.

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