Ten Great WTF?!! Moments in Horror…

1. The dance scene in Prom Night. This was the inspiration for this article, it still baffles me to this day why they decided to stick a homage to Saturday Night Fever into a slasher. It goes on for nearly four minutes as well! Jamie Lee Curtis certainly has some disco moves but it always leaves me thinking WTF?!!

2. The carrot rape in Jack Frost. Not only is having a snowman as a killer one of THE most bonkers ideas in the history of horror but this scene is just WTF?!…. yes it really is!

3. Pieces (1982) Skateboarding girl crashes into a plate of glass. Now to get this clip in context you must understand there is no context. After witnessing a small child axe his mother to death in a gloriously gory scene the movie moves on to ‘modern times’ by showing this. This has NO relevance to anything that comes later and it is not even mentioned again.

4. Pieces (1982) (again) Sorry but we love this one, Linda Day George on finding out a girl has been murdered… need I say more!

5. Gingerdead Man (2005) (SPOILER ALERT NOT THAT IT MATTERS MUCH!) Got Milk? Epic and most ridiculously ridiculous scene ever, the battle of man against a foul mouthed bakery product…

6. Street Trash (1987) So many scenes from Street Trash could end up on this list, but we have chosen this one, the creme de la creme of what the actual fucking fuck, the dick tossing scene!

7. Sleepaway Camp (1983) (SPOILER ALERT) I won’t say anything about this for those who have not seen Sleepaway, beware it does give the ending away! We find out why little Angela is feeling like a bit of a dick…

8. Pin (1988) Ok so we couldn’t get a condensed clip of this but the moment in question begins around the 2.55 mark. Recently re-released on Arrow video Pin is the story of a doctor who tricks his kids into thinking a bizarre manniquin is real and some other stuff that happens because of that. In the opening of this scene the young lad Leon stumbles onto a nurse degrading Pin against his will…. (she seems to be enjoying it though, however we don’t know if he is).

9. Mutant Girls Squad (2010) Tak Sakaguchi has problems getting it up…

10. Thankskilling (2009) A little warning here not to smoke too much weed and get the munchies… gobble, gobble, mutherfucka….

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