A Twisted Gory Christmas Story by Chris Cummings.

Christmas Evil 9


A Twisted Gory Christmas Story- Chris Cummings.

Once upon a time in a village quaint and small, two siblings perched upon their beds, one short and one tall.

The snow was coming fast outside, coating the garden grass, as the siblings watched from the windowsill with their breaths against the glass.

Tall looked toward the sky, shrouded in vibrant white, and he smiled the kind of childish smile that only a young child might.

Short watched as brother grinned a wide and excited grin, and with the stretching of his mouth, quickly Short joined in.

Two young brothers with wide taut smiles excited by the snow, sat warmly under fluffy sheets as their excitement began to grow.

Tall looked at his shorter kin and their eyes filled with tears, for Christmas was arriving soon, the best day of the year.

The evening became a night quite fast, and the two boys fell asleep, until a few hours later when a sound occurred from beneath.

A clatter, a shatter, a bash and a bang, like a large man falling down, the boys crawled out of bed and put on their dressing gowns.

Short took the hand of Tall and the two crept across the floor, making their way to the case of stairs through a number of creaking doors.

The sound of shattering glass and a scream came from downstairs, Short took a few steps back while Tall froze, stiff and scared.

While the two boys stood on the landing instilled with fear, a shadow in the shape of a man grew as it came nearer and nearer.

A shadow black, rotund and large, with a drooping pointy hat, walked slowly up the staircase as quiet as a rat.

Tall found the courage to step away and take his brother’s arm, pulling Short into a room and imploring him to “stay calm”.

They listened as the shadow stomped with heavy feet, when suddenly a familiar voice shouted loud and deep.

Their father must have heard the noise that had woken Tall and Short, and now they heard their Dad command the shadow to depart.

The sound of shouting father turned to a loud solid thud, followed by the curious noise of body hitting wood.

Tall knelt beside the door and put his eye up to the hole, the sight he saw was one that would be with him until he was old.

The body of his father was lying tangled in a heap, bright red tubes were hanging from his front like a festive wreath.

There were cuts, deep and oozing blood, from his toes to his head, and beside him stood a giant clad in white and red.

The giant’s hand clutched a dripping silver axe, and beside him sitting on the ground was a bulging tarpaulin sack.

Tall hugged his brother and scurried for a place to hide, finding a small hidden cupboard just big enough to fit Short inside.

Tall kissed his brothers head and found a wardrobe filled with toys, crawling behind a box stuffed with past Christmas joy.

The door suddenly began to move and light spilled inside, the giant walked in, and scanned the room with his bulging eyes.

Tall could see the giant man as he stood looking around, a beard as white as the snow outside from his lips to near the ground.

The clothes of this giant man were stained with red and brown, and on his face a wide eyed grin mingled with a twisted frown.

Around his neck attached to twine, were ears, tongues and lips, and tied onto his big black belt, a hammer, chain and whip.

A crest and name was embroidered into the chest of his coat, “Santa Claus” in golden font with a swastika below.

Let’s not forget the great big sack that he carried around all day, filled with the heads of those he killed, rotten and decayed.

Tall kept silent in his hiding place but sadly Short did not, sneezing from his cupboard, the child gave up his spot.

The evil giant nazi man, with the axe in his fist, walked slowly to the cubby-hole whistling hymns between his lips.

The moment Short was discovered he screamed an awful scream, but the giant with the menacing grin was not all that he seemed.

”Come with me”, he muttered in a jolly happy drone, “I know a place where children play without the rules you know”

“A place where adults no longer reign”, the giant continued on, “where you can sing, and dance, and laugh to an endless song”.

The giant in the red and white held out his black gloved palm, and Short offered his small one back, his face now quiet and calm.

In a flash of big and vibrant light the big jolly demon left, Tall stumbled from the wardrobe and a pain hit his chest.

His brother was gone to who-knows-where with an evil red big bad, Tall walked out of the room forgetting about his Dad.

He slipped on the pool of insides where his now headless father lay, he ran screaming down the landing and down the long staircase.

The living room was trashed, decorations smashed and torn, and beneath the burning Christmas tree, the woman from which Tall was born.

Headless and mutilated with the glass trimmings from the tree, Tall looked at his mother and he could barely breathe.

Tall fell to the ground as the sounds of sirens began to grow, and he saw the wall, written in blood, the words “Ho, Ho, Ho”.


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