A call to arms for all VHS collectors, nasty hunters, and general horror freaks: Audio Nasties- Theory 77- album review.


I am going to admit I have been a bit selfish with this one, keeping it all to myself for a while now. Every so often I get sent something that makes me happy that I am in the line of work I am in, because it can get a bit lonely reviewing films that most mainstream fans would not touch with someone else’s bargepole. But now and again a kindred spirit pops up to say ‘hi’, and it reminds me there are still some similarly warped individuals out there, and knowing this just brightens up my day. So brings me to this review and Brighton based (UK) artist Theory 77, who dedicates this project Audio Nasties in a way which will capture the attention of all us freaks out there, yes you know who you are because after reading you will be nodding your head in agreement…

So this one goes out to the nerds, the freaks, the collectors, the stalkers, the low budget warriors, the work-with-what-you-havers, the obstacle overcomers, the creatives, the CGI despisers, the car boot kids and of course, as always, to Rachel – who I’ve made to sit through a whole bunch of woeful rubbish.’- Theory 77.

The album was initially released on limited edition ‘Super limited and super garish “Blood smeared” bright blue or pea green cassette copies of AUDIO NASTIES. Inlay notes for nerds’, which I missed out on, and am completely gutted about, but all is not lost as you can still download the tracks from Theory 77’s bandcamp page here for the princely sum of just £4 for the entire album.

The album combines a delicious brew of samples from everyone’s favourite ‘nasties’ and some other juicy gems, and twins it with a hypnotic rhythmic foundation. This makes for a psychotic mosaic of sounds which celebrates the very heart of the good old video nasty era, with part of the fun figuring out all the tracks and counting up how many of the original films you own. Theory 77 takes the very best of the crop from good old 70’s and 80’s horror and works it into a soundscape which just breathes, for me, the heyday of one of the best and most exciting times for the genre. Using samples from genre greats such as I Spit on Your Grave (Jennifer’s Bad Day), Day of the Dead (Choke on Em), The Beyond (Pipecleaner Spiders), Phenomena (Clever Chimp), Suspiria (Red and Green) and mixing them in with sound bites from vintage news footage from the time, Theory 77 polishes it all off with the inspired rap ‘The Pre-Cert Consquence’… ‘VHS collectors are freaks, sell their mother for the rare release, the cover’s rotten and it stinks of piss, but I’ll give you my first born if you trade me this, I’ve got the pristine uncut disc but I need it on cassette to complete the list’…

This album has been on my repeat for a couple of months now, a brilliant fuck you to the DPP and Mary Whitehouse, and an album which carries the message that you can’t keep a good horror fan down. So for all you likeminded freaks get on over to the Theory 77 page and revel in the art that is Audio Nasties, a celebration of all things wonderfully nasty in horror, and a reminder of those long gone days when the genre was ahead of its game.

Categories: music, Video Nasties

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