Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space- Toxic Terror Trax (2014)- album review.

toxic terror

Horrorbilly masters The Bloodsucking Zombies from Outer Space are back with their latest release Toxic Terror Trax, (we interviewed singer Dead Richy Gein back in October here, when he discussed the album and also their upcoming tour). The album brings the latest instalment in the BSZFOS infective brand of good time horrorpunk/ psychobilly in their usual inimitable style and is a release which will not disappoint fans or new comers.

Toxic Terror Trax represents the band at the height of their creative energy, combining rocking psychobilly, and horror punk with an infectious energy, and remains as equally attention grabbing, energised, and above all as fun as the albums which have gone before it.  Having only two gears, fast, and faster, for the most part (none of the tracks racking over the 4 minute mark apart from the Western infused closing track Order of the Black Thorn) the album rips through its impressive 19 track list, hardly pausing for thought, and I defy anyone to sit completely still while listening to this. All the tunes on offer are anthem based, blending beguiling hooks with the vitality and spirit of a massive pool party if hosted by Boris Karloff. Play hard, party hard, would perhaps be the perfect way to sum up Toxic Terror Trax, the band matching their phenomenal levels of enthusiasm with technical excellence.  The band combine their influences with ease when so many other genre bending efforts by lesser experienced bands can come off as muddy and forced, this is certainly not the case here, and the album just flows effortlessly. With rousing choruses and some wicked guitar solos thrown in here and there (what can I say, I am a whore for a good solo), underpinned with a fantastic rockabilly/ punk rock foundation, this is one album to lift the spirits.

In line with their usual style BSZFOS stick to the usual tongue in cheek/ celebration of shlock horror movies lyrical base, which manages to live and breathe the spirit of good old trashy B-horror flicks. Amongst the highlights, for me, was ‘Linda Blair’; a cheeky little ode/lovesong to everyone’s favourite Exorcist icon which boasts the unforgettable lines ‘you said your mother sucks cocks in hell… and what you did with that crucifix I remember well… innocent, beaten and possessed… you were simply the best’. Bride of Frankenstein’, (one of my favourite horror films) is a fitting tribute to James Whales’ classic sequel, psycho-style, tearing along at breakneck pace. While the almost ballad based ‘Into The Great Oblivion’ has been stuck on repeat on my media player. We also have a few wild cards here, ‘Forest of Cernobyl’ recounts the tale of the nuclear disaster site which has surprisingly downbeat lyrics despite the buoyant melody, and ‘The Order of the Black Thorn’ adds some much welcomed Spaghetti Western influences to the musical canvass. BSZFOS also make a perfect tribute to the Friday the 13th franchise in the song ‘Camp Crystal Lake’ which boasts one of my favourite solos of the album, and of course I also have to mention ‘The Devil Rides Out’ an accolade to the Hammer Horror classic as another stand out song. While it goes without saying ‘Horror Picture Maniac’ is going to capture the hearts of all us horror fanatics out there ‘I do not watch, I more absorb… my brain’s already made of celluloid’.

Guaranteed to put you in the party mood, Toxic Terror Trax is a perfect addition to the BSZFOS’s already impressive back catalogue. Fun and unrelenting, this is an album to blow away the cobwebs, and then stick them with a bloody knife. Check out the band’s Official Site here for more information on where to buy, and their upcoming tour.


toxic terror cd

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