Celebrating Woman in Horror- the erotic art of Lina Romay.

Lina Romay is a name synonymous with exploitation and low-budget horror, the Spanish beauty who became prolific auteur Jess Franco’s main muse for over 30 years, his constant companion, and later wife; one look at her dark brooding beauty and unashamed approach to showing her body on camera, it is easy to see why Franco became some fascinated with her.  Lina is one woman who exudes the confident spirit of female sexuality in its pure unadulterated form, the perfect exhibitionist to satisfy Franco’s taste for voyeurism, providing many  moments of joy for all those lovers of the horror which dips its toe into the sleazy side of life. But Lina Romay was much more than just a look, or a body, working tirelessly with her husband, her contribution to the genre should never be underestimated; a woman with immense spirit and a work ethic to match Franco’s tireless attitude to making film. For this we celebrate Lina in all her glory in the first of our Celebration pieces of Women in Horror, done The Gore Splattered Corner way (enjoy 🙂 ).

jess franl lina romay

R.I.P Lina Romay 1954-2012 and Jess Franco 1930-2013.

Lina 1000 shades of Dorina Grey lina and jess lina exorcism 2 lina exorcism lina female vampire lina hot nights of linda lina jack the ripper lina romay lina-romay-lorna-the-exorcist-1974-jesus-franco-03lina 1 lina 2 lina 3 lina 4 The Sex Is Crazy lina 6 lina 7lina female vampire  1

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