Spaghetti Splatter Star Giovanni Lombardo Radice is back in new Giallo The Three Sisters.

Here is something we are really looking forward to over at the GSC, our friend Giovanni Lombardo Radice is set to star in an upcoming Giallo The Three Sisters.

From the press release…

The Three Sisters is an upcoming giallo film set in Dublin, Ireland. When Sarah Lehmann’s uncle is brutally murdered, she begins to suspect that an event in her family’s past may be coming back to haunt them. As the murders pile up, she joins forces with her ex-boyfriend and an eccentric police detective to try and unmask the black-gloved killer before it is too late.


Starring Elliot Moriarty, Gillian Walsh, Neill Fleming and cult film icon Giovanni Lombardo Radice, The Three Sisters will feature music by Repeated Viewing, and will be released later in 2014.

Official Facebook here.

Official Site here.

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