The Best Horror Shows on TV…Ever!


Like most of you who find your way to this site, I am a huge horror fan. Thanks to the wonder of the internet we now have an endless stream of information about our chosen genre in whatever form takes our fancy. You want reviews? There are innumerable examples of varying length and quality – we write some of the longest and the absolute best here at The Gore Splattered Corner. You want reflections on classic horror from years past? Those also are ably catered for here, though I guess some other places might do a bit too. Whilst I don’t read the reviews of others until I have seen, heard or read something myself, in order to write my own work uninfluenced, I do like to browse endless other genre sites, see what they are doing and what may be on the horizon for horror fans. What I see on many of these sites are infinite numbers of lists.

Ah, lists. I love lists. When done correctly, they can be informative, amusing and entertaining. Sadly, most are not and many sites use them as way of padding out their feeds as quickly as possible. Some weeks ago now I came across a list that made me incredibly angry. I shall not name the guilty party, but it was on a site that purports to have a huge number of hits every month. It was at best lazy, at worst ridiculously insulting. There was no context, no references, no opinion given –simply a short plot summary and a link to a trailer. So far, so depressingly familiar. What really made my hackles rise was the list itself – the top ten horror television shows ever. Other opinions are available as always and many will not agree with every show I have included, many more will not agree with my omissions, but this list, from a supposedly popular site that believes it produces quality journalistic writing – it doesn’t – included both ‘The Secret Circle’ and ‘Teen Wolf’. Personally, I’d go Leigh Whannell on my own foot rather than watch either, but – hey – different strokes for different folks, but the top ten horror television series ever? Don’t make me laugh.

Deciding for once to channel my impotent and pointless bile into more positive pursuits, I give you my very own list of the top genre TV shows ever. Some are obscure, some are not, but to qualify they had to fulfil the following four criteria:

1)      They had to deal with horror on a thematic level

2)      They had to be part of a series and not one-off event TV

3)      The had to be, what I consider to be, the pinnacle of their genre

4)      They had to not be ‘Teen Wolf’ or ‘The Secret Circle’.

I started with a list of sixty shows – this list is the top 15. Each one is as spoiler free as it is possible to be and I have worked hard to avoid giving away hints about key twists and turns; the payoff is that, for existing fans of the shows, there may be details omitted that you would rather see included. However I stand behind everything that is included here and everything that is not – it is my list and mine alone. Enjoy.

Dr Catsu

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  1. Whoa! There’s more… Awesome! Kym Darkly 🙂

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