Marek Z. Reviews Death Do Us Apart (2014) (Short)

Year: 2014
Director: Shaub Miah
Cast: Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty, Josh Myers, Wayne Gordon, Sagar Radia, Jema ‘Princess Levi’ Gilsenan
Themes: Zombie, Action, Comedy

Kicking off with the familiar ‘our feature presentation’ introduction screen that has graced many past grindhouse and B movie films, the opening credits got me very excited due to their style. Thankfully the cinematography did not disappoint throughout the short twenty-four minute running time, looking like something that would not be out of place on 42nd Street yet still retaining a contemporary edge.

The film itself follows a right of passage for Jake, a mother’s boy, in need of a good night out and a good woman, if only he could talk to them. Looking to help out, his mates decide to take him to a strip club, to give him the night of his life, and that is certainly what he gets.

Perhaps coming in after the bubble burst on the whole zombie & stripper scene, this short invites superficial comparisons to similar Brit film ‘Stag Night of The Dead’ (2010)- although one discernable difference between the two is that this film appears to play it a little more serious, and because of this it is easier to buy into the world that direct Miah has crafted. While additionally the tone helps to drive the film forwards as it crams a lot of character development into its short running time.

As previously mentioned the short is shot in an almost grindhouse style, particularly noticeable during the more violent scenes, such as where gorgeous adult model and full time babe Jema ‘Princess Levi’ gives a punter a show he won’t forget. Special mention also has to go to the musical appropriation for this film, I am not sure why it is but films than involve strip bars often have the best music and this is no exception, as the tracks used perfectly suit the tone of the film.

Unlike the majority, one thing that elevates this short above its peers in the zombie genre is the level of acting on display with strong performances from all including the fantastic Lucinda Rhodes-Flaherty (Death Walks, Dead Cert, Dream Team), Josh Myers (Zombie Diaries 2, Green Street 3) and the angry club owner played by Wayne Gordon, who interestingly played Doom in the TV series Gladiators.

Ultimately there is a lot to recommend regarding this short film, as it perfectly straddles the line between the serious and comedic, while utilising a style suited to both the budget and the genre. This is not only one of the strongest zombie shorts I have seen for a while but also horror in general as it manages to fit style, substance and a humour into its brief running time.

Essentially this is a bloody fun romp in a seedy London strip club…with zombies! If I had to recommend just one zombie stripper movie it would be this one, never playing it cheap or ridiculous, yet keeping a sense of humour and this short will appeal to more than just the usual zombiephile.

So if you want to be scared stiff, check out this short film.

To find out more about the release date follow the film on Twitter (@deathdous_apart) and Facebook here.


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